SuperCollider Symposium 2010 in Berlin
Conference / Workshops / Concerts / Installations

Introduction to SuperCollider Print
Nick Collins / Tom Hall, instructors.
Saturday, September 18,  10-19h ,
Location: UdK
60 €
max. 16 participants
level: beginner


A friendly introduction to SuperCollider for absolute beginners, aimed at artists and musicians. We will aim to get you creating music live with SuperCollider within a short space of time; the emphasis wll be on practical music making to help motivate your learning. Aside from a little familiarity with the digital arts, no prerequisites, though some prior exposure to computer music (perhaps through Max/MSP or Csound) may be helpful. 

The workshop will be adaptable to participants' needs, with chances to request topics, and built-in question and answer sessions. The healthy emphasis always will be on artistic applications with SuperCollider, and facilitating participants' own projects. 

Data for the workshop will be supplied by the instructors on USB stick on the day, but feel free to download and try out SuperCollider in advance; the teaching version for the workshops will be 3.4.

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