SuperCollider Symposium 2010 in Berlin
Conference / Workshops / Concerts / Installations

Audio analysis and feedback control with SC Print

Massimo Scamarcio, instructor
Saturday, September 18. 14-18h,
Location: .HBC
30 €
max. 8 participants
level: intermediate / advanced


An exploration/exploitation of the different functionalities and potentials of the SuperCollider3(SC3) language when applied to analysis, resynthesis and feedback control of audio. Participants will be introduced to basic topics like audio analysis methods (amplitude, FFT, etc.), extraction of data as control values, frequency domain processing and resynthesis, use and control of audio feedback, alongside the revelant SuperCollider UGens. The main focus of the workshop is to learn how to analyse audio and use its attributes/characteristics to process and control acoustic feedback(and more).

Participants should have at least an intermediate to advanced knowledge of SuperCollider and the aforementioned topics, at least on a theoretical level, and should bring their own laptop + audio interface. SuperCollider 3.4 will be available. People are also encouraged to bring their own resonant objects (anything from vases to glasses, pipes, and everything in between) along with contact/micro/mini/conventional microphones and any kind of small speakers/cones. A number will be made available for the workshop.

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