Olofsson, Fredrik Print

Fredrik Olofsson (Sweden) was formally trained as a composer at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm. Since his  graduation 2000, he has worked as a freelancing artist creating visuals, electronic music and installations. As a  video artist he has travelled the world collaborating with a multitude of performance artists, dancers and musicians.  As a programmer he is known as a frequent contributor in the SuperCollider open source community. Together with the  group/project MusicalFieldsForever he has exhibited interactive art at museums and galleries in England, Germany, Japan and in the Scandinavian countries. Second half of 2008, he was Artist-in-residence at IAMAS, Japan.


redUniform (2008)

is an audiovisual performance piece where I take the role of a sad clown with great fascination for red spheres and noisy sounds. The concept, music, visuals and electronics were all developed during a six months residency at IAMAS, Japan 2008.