SuperCollider Symposium 2010 in Berlin
Conference / Workshops / Concerts / Installations

Olarte, Luis Alejandro Print
PyoungRyung Ko studied composition and music theory in Korea and Germany. He is now a doctoral candidate in Musicology at the UMT Leipzig and studies electroacoustic composition in Weimar. He is a founder of the ensemble Prisma Sonorum (an improvisation ensemble for violoncello and live- electronic) with Hui-Chun Lin and has given concerts in Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin. His pieces are performed internationally, and his theoretical and pedagogical articles are published in international conferences.

Luis Alejandro OLARTE (Columbia) studied guitar and electroacoustic composition in Colombia, then in Paris, where he won the first prize in Generative Improvisation and Musical Acoustics. He then studied at Sibelius Academy and at Escola Superior de Musica de Cataluña, and now he is at Université de Paris VIII. Since 2006 he performs and improvises with choreographers Andreya Ouamba and Opiyo Okach, (Congo and Kenya). His musical interests include free improvisation, electroacoustic lutherie and guitars. http://teluria.free.fr/

Jabalion, routing control and audio signals

I will present Jabalion, an improvisation environment as an SC standalone. It uses a 'Matrix' concept for routing the audio signals and mapping and assigning control parameters. Synth and processing methods include: fm, gendy, kmeans, granulation, fft, delays lines. It can be controlled by computer, midi interfaces and sensors (arduino), and by  pitch and amplitude analysis. I will also discuss GUI issues, presets, automatization, and future perspectives for this work.
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