SuperCollider Symposium 2010 in Berlin
Conference / Workshops / Concerts / Installations

Introduction to GUI Programming in SuperCollider Print

Jost Muxfeldt, Instructor.
Monday, September 20,  10-19h.
Location: .HBC
60 €
max. 16 participants
level: beginner / intermdiate


This workshop will take you through all the important basics of SuperCollider GUI Programming.

In 2 x 4 hours, I will lead the participants through the basics of SC GUI Programming with Swing and Cocoa.
1. Introduction. GUI kits Swing and Cocoa.
2. SCView, the parent of most GUI objects.
3. The basics of windows, views, and their coordinates.
4. The basics of getting and setting values on the sever via GUI.
5. Mapping values.
6. EZ GUIs, and auto GUIs.
7. Mouse and Key events.
8. Basics of draw hooks.
9. GUI Programming Structures.
10. Custom GUIs with SCUserView.

You should have a little SuperCollider Programming experience already.
Participants need to bring their own laptops, wlan or lan and power will be provided.

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