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Marcus Schmickler (Germany) is a composer and performer. He studied composition and electronic music and since then has worked in the most diverse fields of composed and improvised music. He has won numerous prizes and honours and is closely associated with the Cologne label a-Musik. As a composer along with his many works of electronic music, he works with the ensemble recherche, the Staatskapelle Weimar, the musikFabrik, the Paragon Ensemble, the Ensemble zeitkratzer and many more. As a musician he works with musicians such as John Tilbury, Thomas Lehn, Otomo Yoshihide, David Behrman, Claudio Bohorquez and Julee Cruise. His discography so far consists of over 50 titles, and he has been performing on the world's stages and at international festivals for years. He gives lectures and seminars and also works as an author in the field of theatre, radio plays and film.



Bonner Durchmusterung (2010)

Alberto de Campo (sonification),  Carsten Goertz (visualization)

The Bonn Patternization takes up the tradition of the relationship between  astronomy and music and attempts to attain an epistemological exchange between both. How does one come from a complex series of numbers to an understanding of the objects or even to a consistent phenomenology of the cosmos, and what role could sound play in this? Conversely there is an appeal in deriving interesting acoustic events and musical structures from complex theoretical  models of particle physics and astrophysics.

1 Reionization / Dark Ages

2 Solar eruptions

3 Eccentricity of the elliptical orbits of our solar system

4 Historical maps of the cosmic background radiation

5 The Bonn patternization

6 Gravitational  models

7 Pulsars / neutron stars

8 Expansion / redshift / dark matter / dark energy

9 Gamma ray bursts

10 Quantum spectrums / multi-dimensionality

Commisioned by International Year of Astronomy and Deutscher Musikrat.

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