SuperCollider Symposium 2010 in Berlin
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Muxfeldt, Jost Print

Jost Muxfeldt is a German/American artist, composer, and philosopher, who almost exclusively uses electronic media and computers. His work often focuses on trans-media and phenomenology, exploring the rational and irrational channels between artistic and conceptual disciplines, and pursuing their self-transfiguring implications. In 1991 he moved to Berlin, where he began working as an artist and composer, independently as well as with other artists such as Arnold Dreyblatt, Martin Riches, Laura Kikauka, and Stephan Wunderlich. He also began working in architecture for Daniel Libeskind, Arata Isozaki, Axel Schultes, and later with many other prominent Berlin architects.

The first performances of his music and sound works were organized in Darmstadt and in Munich by Stefan Wunderlich in 1998/1999. More recently, he published in philosophy under edition of Jean Michel Rabaté, and lectured at the international Philosophy and Architecture Conference at the Université Paris X Nantèrre in 2005 on the work of Arakawa and Madeline Gins. His most recent audiovisual work, Audio Kinematics, has been shown in numerous venues through Europe, including the Tesla Media Art Center at both the Ultraschall and Transmediale Festivals in 2007, the Centre D'Art Santa Mònica for the Sónar 2007 Festival in Barcelona, at the Via Festival in Maubeuge, and at the Exit Festival in Paris-Créteile in 2008.

In 2008 Jost Muxfeldt rewrote and appended most of the SuperCollider GUI Documentation. He will be giving an introductory workshop in GUI Programming in SuperCollider.



Audio Kinematics (2007)

plays with the idea of kinematic relations in sound spatialization. It utilizes the spatial relations and proportions of a mechanical structure to determine various parameters of a sound composition, and creates a kind of virtual kinetic sound sculpture. The content of the composition is determined by the spatial relation of the sculpture to the listener, whose virtual position is at the center of the mechanical structure.


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