SuperCollider Symposium 2010 in Berlin
Conference / Workshops / Concerts / Installations

Saturday 25.Sept., 22h, Raum 20 Print


Supercollider Club Event Pre-Midnight Line.up 

Curtis McKinney -- When the Snake eats its Tail
Timur Kuyanov -- "nanoscape.0",
WORLD DOMINATION Mattias Petersson, Daniel Karlsson and Jonatan Liljedahl

Mario de Vega DJ

Post Midnight Line-Up:
Cylob (London/Berlin, UK)
Binray (Bristol, UK)
Somtek vs Skylla  (Luzern, Switzerland)
Heinrich At Hart  (Frankfurt/Berlin, Germany)
Dj Poingi  (Tel Aviv/Berlin, Israel)


Venue: Raum 20

Sound Gallery and Media Arts


Ziegrastrasse 11/13
12057 Berlin
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Curtis McKinney (USA)

When the snake eats its tail

Live electronic piece for stereo sound system. This piece explores the concepts of recursion and networks. The sonic material for the piece is generated using lattices of recursive modulation synths, constructed in SuperCollider, and chained together to form unpredictable layers of pulsating and thrashing sound fields that feedback into themselves and each other. These sounds are created and controlled by a networked quartet of musicians communicating over the open internet. The resultant soundscapes is not a productive of any single musician or machine but is instead created through a complex interdependent relationship where all the elements have varying levels of influence.


Timur Kuyanov (Russia)


Timur will not let those giant excellent-sounding machines full of high-grade electronic components and producing mind-blowing musical progressions take control over him! Using new generation of embedded devices, micro synthesizers and minimum of controls artist proves possibility of producing massive-sounding and dynamic performance in aesthetics of synthesized organic structures reminding of those neo-futuristic dreams of cyberpunk megapolis daily life.


World Domination (Sweden)

is a trio consisting of Mattias Petersson, Daniel Karlsson and Jonatan Liljedahl. They all have a background in electronic art music as well as the club scene, and the trio investigates rhythm and algorithmic dancability in their music while finding inspiration in dubstep, noise, IDM and EAM.


cylob (UK)

Chris Jeffs aka Cylob makes his music using his own Cylob Music System program, written in the Supercollider language. This continuing work in progress, started in 2001, has led to his sound becoming increasingly distinctive.



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