SuperCollider Symposium 2010 in Berlin
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Gunnarsson, Bjarni Print

Bjarni Gunnarsson is an icelandic composer born in 1980 in Reykjavík. As a member
of the electronic music duo Einóma, he has released numerous LP�s, EP�s, compilation
tracks and remixes on labels like Vertical Form, Thule, Uni:form, Spezial Material, Tra-
chanik and lmalc. Bjarni has perfomed his music in concerts and festivals in in Berlin and
Hamburg Germany, London and Manchester England, Den Haag and Utrecht Holland,
Paris and Caen France, Brussels Belgium, Copenhagen Denmark, Athens Greece, Leitrim
Ireland as well as in various places in Iceland. Ma jor in computer science, Bjarni studied
composition with Gerard Pape, Trevor Wishart, Agostino Di Scipio and Curtis Roads at
the CCMIX music center in Paris, and is currently attending the Sonology course at the
Royal Conservatory of music in Den Haag. A collection of his works can be found on
the CD “ Safn 2006-2009” which was released by the Belgium label Lamadameaveclechien
in January 2010. Bjarni has recently completed a piece for the WFS system in Leiden
which will be premiered on May 11 2010.
web: http://bjarni-gunnarsson.net/.


Fallacies (2010)

is a collaboration piece between Bjarni Gunnarsson and Miguel Negrão. It concerns the real-time interaction and relationships between gradually evolving sine wave drones and dense, dynamic microsounds. The idea is a journey in an indeterminate direction: a global movement carried by an intense current of enfolding sound-masses that get disturbed and affected by streams of high-density subatomic events. Fallacies is a multichannel creation to be performed live on the WFS system.

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