SuperCollider Symposium 2010 in Berlin
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Nies, Joker Print

Joker Nies lives and works in Cologne, Germany, as a musician, sound-  designer, sound-engineer, fotographer and technical editor for the German  Keyboards magazine. 

Since the early 80´s, Nies experiments with all kinds of electronic sound-  sources, like modular-analog synthesizers, individually designed electronic  devices, DSP-based systems (like Kyma/Capybara) and software based sound-  sources. During the early 90´s, modifying the Omnichord became his initiation  to what is known as circuit-bending. Since that time a steadily growing number  of devices has been converted from simple toys into alien sound devices. 

For his live-performances the focus has completely moved away from computer  hosted sound enviroments and shifted to analog   electronics instead.His  instruments, beneath the Omnichord, are carefully selected and modified  electronics, and the outstanding   instruments Rob Hordijk has built for him.  Recent activities include software synth-design in MAX/MSP for the german  Keyboards magazine, and production and sound design for radio-plays. Nies  also leads workshops and tutorials about circuit-bending, DIY-instruments and  synth-design in MAX/MSP. 

His musical activities are centered around an improvisational aproach, like with  the Trio Die Schrauber or The KØP. He also cooperates in composition-based  projects like the activities of the multimedia project REALTIME-RESEARCH and  QUANTUM QUASI dance-projects. Joker Nies performed on festivals in all of  Europe, USA and Mexico, with artists like John Butcher, Ernst Reijsinger, Birgit  Uhler, Thomas Lehn, Alan Silva, Dave Tucker, Seth Josel, Hans Tammen,  Mario De Vega, Gino Robair and many others.


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