SuperCollider Symposium 2010 in Berlin
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Das IMM-Rundfunkorchester Print


Extractions Pt. I

Rundfunkorchester is a SuperCollider-network-music project originated in Düsseldorf's Institute for Music and Media (IMM). No single sound is generated by the computers. Instead, we hear the current radio programme playing through circuit-bent radio receivers, replacing the classical style of playing bent instruments by hand through bodily interaction with the electricity. The radiophonic network, as explored by artists from Cage to tonic train, is augmented by a second layer of networked laptops that grants universal access for the interpretation of all the receiving nodes.

Lukas Truniger (Switzerland/Germany)
place of birth: Zurich
first musical instrument: a hacked recorder flute
favourite food: reflow solder fondue
favourite UGen: Clip

Jonas Hummel (Germany)
place of birth: Stuttgart
first musical instrument: the 104 QWERTZ keyboard
favourite food: 50k Potentiometers
favourite UGen: Dust

Julius Hochstrate (Germany)
place of birth: somewhere in Germany
first musical instrument: something which makes noise
favourite food: something to eat
favourite UGen: any UGen

Maurice Braun (Germany)
place of birth: Simmerath
first musical instrument: OneToneSynth
favourite food: plumb
favourite UGen: Pbind

Hannes Hoelzl (Italy/Germany)
place of birth: Bozen
first musical instrument: the mains socket
favourite food: antenna salad
favourite UGen: Crackle

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