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Curtis McKinney (USA), born in 1983 in Oklahoma City, OK. Recently graduated from Mills College in Oakland, CA with an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media. There he studied with John Bischoff, Chris Brown, and Roscoe Mitchell. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in Network Computer Music and Audio Interactions at Bournemouth University in England, where he is studying with Alain Renaud. Curtis is a reprogrammed rogue robot who undergoes constant inner turmoil regarding his mysterious past, which proves only to be his need to fight and the threat he believes he still poses to society. His main weapon is the Z-Buster and the Z-Saber. He was created by Dr. Wily in order to replace Bass and later destroy his nemesis. He entered a sleep capsule where he will awaken 102 year later on August 15th. Curtis makes sounds that are akin to a Commodore 64 exsanguinating 8-bit blood.


When the snake eats its tail

Live electronic piece for stereo sound system. This piece explores the concepts of recursion and networks. The sonic material for the piece is generated using lattices of recursive modulation synths, constructed in SuperCollider, and chained together to form unpredictable layers of pulsating and thrashing sound fields that feedback into themselves and each other. These sounds are created and controlled by a networked quartet of musicians communicating over the open internet. The resultant soundscapes is not a productive of any single musician or machine but is instead created through a complex interdependent relationship where all the elements have varying levels of influence.