SuperCollider Symposium 2010 in Berlin
Conference / Workshops / Concerts / Installations

Kuyanov, Timur Print

Timur Kuyanov was bored in 1980 in Siberia, Russia, surrounded both with impressive nature(Baikal, deepest lake on the planet) and industry achievements , changing it's surface(BAM, longest railroad) He got his first computer when he was  7, and made his first music program in Basic language when he was 9, but still has complicated relations with computers and as a part of his master studies in Aalto University(ex Taik), department of Media, dealing with relations between human beings and technology in the creative processes. http://soundcloud.com/kuyanov



Timur will not let those giant excellent-sounding machines full of high-grade electronic components and producing mind-blowing musical progressions take control over him! Using new generation of embedded devices, micro synthesizers and minimum of controls artist proves possibility of producing massive-sounding and dynamic performance in aesthetics of synthesized organic structures reminding of those neo-futuristic dreams of cyberpunk megapolis daily life.

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