SuperCollider Symposium 2010 in Berlin
Conference / Workshops / Concerts / Installations

Patiño, Ruben Print

Rubén Patiño aka Pato is a sound artist born in Barcelona in 1979. Current artist in residence at NK.Pato works in the field of Computer Music combining different  sound synthesis techniques  generated with  Super  Collider . His work is a blend of  hyper energetic  algorithmic composition, futile visualization and humorous stochastic flavour. He has performed several solo performances in Europe as well as live improvisations with tabletop guitarrist Olivier Di Placido and occasional collaborations inside EVOL, a computer music cell leaded by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. As a dj, his sets are mainly composed of multi-layered cut-up computer music mixed with some old avant-garde classics, noise and world music. He also occasionally plays in Yokomono as a part of Staalplaat SoundSystem. He has lived in Berlin since 2005.


3.3.3 (2010)

is a multichannel audio-visual project born within the SuperCollider Users Group in Berlin, developed in large part at NK and finished as part of L´ull Cec residency at Hangar in Barcelona. 3.3.3 is an audiovisual performance based on Super Collider as an audiovisual tool. 3.3.3 explores the relationship in between sound spatialization and live visuals foregrounding the process of sound generation and the textual characteristics of Super Collider. 3.3.3 is a decorative approach towards Real Time Audio Synthesis, Speculative Sound Diffusion, Text Editing and Futile Visuals.

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