Garretón, Roberto Print

Bachelor's degree Arrangements and Composition in Popular Music in the Escuela Moderna music school in Santiago, Chile.
In 2002 he moves to the Netherlands to study Sonology in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, from where he got a Master degree in 2007.
Member of the rock band NiCad and the electronic music team Pebre.
He sometimes give lectures about Electronic Music in general, about his own work, and the use and implementations in SuperCollider.


From one place to another and the paths in between

A solo performer playing electric guitar with extended techniques and using midi foot pedals to control live processing. The music goes from the extremes of gentle drone loops to aggressive noisy textures, reflecting a contradiction in the search of pleasure. The guitar and the processed sounds work together as an unity, making the whole setup to work as a single instrument. The live electronics are programmed with SuperCollider, 100%, and the length of the piece is about 10 minutes.