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Chad McKinney is an experimental musician living in the San Francisco bay area. He has 
recently completed his MFA in Electronic Music & Recording Media at Mills College where he studied with Chris Brown, John Bischoff, and Roscoe Mitchell. He received his Bachelor of Music degree in 2007 from the University of Oklahoma, studying with Christian Asplund, John Haek, and Michael Lee. McKinney has recently been focused on writing for and performing with the transcontinental network laptop quartet Lag.


Chad McKinney (USA) & LAG

Neuromedusae II

is a recent work by Lag that utilizes our custom made Medusa System.
This system allows the performers to collaborate together across the internet to create and manipulate feedback matrices. In particular Neuromedusae II focuses on feedback between several impulse response based SuperCollider synths. During the performance Curtis McKinney will be present in Berlin while the other members are distributed across the Unites States.